Oliver and Blue is a small residential remodeling and repair company based out of Capitol Hill in Seattle.  We can help with anything from handyman work to a full house remodel.  We’ve worked all over the greater Seattle area and have many happy past and current clients who are available to talk to you about all aspects of our craft and business.

If you are thinking about having any work done, no matter where you might be in the process, feel free to drop us a line. Whether you’re about to receive finalized plans or are just mulling over some ideas, we can talk about their feasibility and I can offer some rough estimates to help with your decision making. This also gives us the opportunity to see if we can click as a team.  You won’t be under any obligation to us, and if your project isn’t something we can help with, we can most likely steer you in a helpful direction.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Arthur Clawson